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Home Improvements

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In 2018 decorating and refurnishing a room was part of around 60% of home improvement projects.

With the help of a professional, a painting and decorating job can be a fast and effective way to improve the visual appearance of a building by protecting it from damage by water, rust, corrosion or mould.

Professional painters use modern equipment and the latest techniques to ensure a high-quality finish. It is important to prepare the surface appropriately before painting, patching holes in drywall, and properly protecting any areas that are not to be painted.

Why redecorate aside from aesthetics and home care? Well, an all-over re-decoration on average adds 3.1% to the overall value of your property, making it a great way to prepare for a sale, drastically cutting time on market and getting an extra few thousand for an attractive looking property.

"An all-over re-decoration on average adds 3.1% in value to your property."

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"An all-over re-decoration on average adds 3.1% in value to your property."

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A painter-decorator knows how to look after the surfaces of your home to avoid issues for many years.


Improve the visual appearance of your home to fit your design and achieve the mood you're looking for.

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If you're considering a sale, a redecoration adds on average 3.1% to the property value.

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