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Home Improvements

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The modern home would be nowhere without electricity. An electrician’s job in the home may range from planning the power distribution for a homeowners’ appliances, to installation of lighting, and traditional maintenance tasks such as fixing faulty wiring.

Needs in 2018 extend to achieving maximum efficiency, with remote-controlled LED lighting or incorporating eco-friendly electrical sources like solar panels more and more popular.

Any conversion or extension will need an electrician as part of the project, and its important to rely on professionals to achieve an industry standard by following best practices, so that on one hand you’re not paying for mistakes down the line, and on the other you can feel safely protected from dangerous mishaps, like unexpected fires and shocks.

Importantly, the latest home electricity regulations in preparation for sale are stringent, and you can avoid reduced value to the tune of thousands by getting the work done yourself in advance.

"39% of renovators reported including an electrical system upgrade in 2017."

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"39% of renovators reported including an electrical system upgrade in 2017."

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Health & Safety

Electrical circuitry is dangerous, particularly when wired by a non-professional, leading to fires and shocks. Get help from a professional.


An electrician knows the best materials to make your home as efficient as possible.

Prepare for sale

If you're considering a sale, you can save thousands if the electrical wiring is up to scratch and meets current regulation standards.

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