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Living Area Renovations in Lightwater, Twickenham & Richmond

Renovating living spaces, although falling in popularity to bathrooms and kitchens, are still one of our favourite projects, leading to high satisfaction amongst homeowners, notably for the added space, perceived decluttering and areas to spend quality time with the family.

Over the last few years we have seen a noticeable increase in open-plan living projects, bringing together many rooms of the home, along with inventive ways to increase lighting, be it from extra windows, skylights, or bi-fold doors.

Smart-home technology and energy-efficient eco features and fabrics are on the rise, being part of nearly 20% of all renovation projects.

"In 2017 29% of renovation projects were performed on living spaces, with an average spend of £3,000."

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"In 2017 29% of renovation projects were performed on living spaces, with an average spend of £3,000."

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go open plan

Ideal for entertaining, spending time with the family and increasing natural light in your home.

modern simplicity

Create highly-functional yet simple designs incorporating the latest technology.

Increase property value

Prepare for a sale or plan for the future by renovating your living area, with the average living area renovation for 2018 down at around £3,000.

Living Area Renovations

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Here is a selection of photographs taken from various living area projects.

Why work with M.A.C.?

M.A.C. has over 15 years experience working on living area renovation projects along the M3 corridor, from its home in Lightwater into Twickenham and Richmond.

Steve and his team have refurbished many living quarters and replaced ceilings with the latest architrave designs and LED lighting.

They are clean and polite, and can fit wall-mounted TV’s and hide all the wiring. The team have the tools and experience to build fitted cupboards, replaster, paint & decorate, leaving you with a new and modern looking room.

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