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Home renovations

Kitchen renovations

Modernise your kitchen with eco-friendly appliances and a fresh new look.

Home Renovations

Kitchen Renovations in Lightwater, Twickenham & Richmond

Kitchens are currently the second most popular room for renovation in the home, due to both their return on investment and the perceived difference to your standard of living.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, being where we spend most of our time, which has lead to bigger kitchen work spaces, mixed kitchen-diners, kitchen islands and even spaces to relax with sofas and televisions.

You can update your old utensils while upgrading to sleek new designs which incorporate the latest materials.

According to Which, the average spend on a kitchen is around £8,000, which may increase the value by as much as 6%, or £18,000 on the average home.

"in 2016 an average of £9,900 was spent on every kitchen renovation."

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"in 2016 an average of £9,900 was spent on kitchen renovations."

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Kitchen with bi-fold door before and after work done

Standard of living

Improve the most important room of your home with more space to enjoy with the family.


Replace your old appliances decreasing electricity bills and improving your EPC rating.

Increase property value

Add as much as 6% to your property value, or £18,000 on the average home.

Kitchen Renovations

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Here is a selection of photographs taken from various kitchen renovation projects.

Why work with M.A.C.?

M.A.C. has over 15 years experience working on kitchen renovation projects along the M3 corridor, from its home in Lightwater into Twickenham and Richmond.

Steve and his team have refurbished hundreds of kitchens and have the necessary contracts in place with kitchen manufacturers to deliver excellent, modern kitchen designs.

The fitting of your kitchen along with the quality of the materials is what makes the difference on a successful project.

Having installed plenty of kitchens over the past 15+ years, the team have the know how, tools and experience to get your installation just right, taking their time to work around the difficulties of the modern home such as difficult shapes and existing pipework.

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