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Personalise the most intimate space in your home.

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Bedroom Renovations in Lightwater, Twickenham & Richmond

In 2017 the bedroom figured in as many as 29% of interior room renovations across the UK.

Adding an entirely new double bedroom can add a little more than 10% to the value of your property, known as one of the best projects to undertake for value increase.

People are therefore taking the opportunity to update and modernise their most intimate space in the home with the latest fabrics, lighting technology and energy-saving programmes.

Plus, of all renovation projects in 2017 roughly 8% featured a walk-in wardrobe meaning that it is and will remain high on the agenda.

"An extra bedroom on average adds 11.2% to the value of your home."

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"An extra bedroom on average adds 11.2% to the value of your home."

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go eco

Incorporate nature into your designs to achieve a relaxing ambience, using natural light.


Add LED lighting and other technology to your bedroom to suit different moods and vastly improve energy efficiency.

Increase property value

The National Association of Estate Agents stated the top modification to add significant value to a house is the bedroom.

Bedroom Renovations

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Here is a selection of photographs taken from various bedroom renovation projects.

Why work with M.A.C.?

M.A.C. has over 15 years experience working on bedroom renovation projects along the M3 corridor, from its home in Lightwater into Twickenham and Richmond.

Steve and his team have refurbished many bedrooms and can fit built-in wardrobes to whatever design you require.

We’re conscious of the fact that nobody likes to be ousted from their bedroom for too long either, so we work hard to agree deadlines and stick to them for no unnecessary stress.

The team are clean and polite and have the tools and experience to fit bedrooms exactly to your design specifications.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and request your free quote.

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