Lightwater, Twickenham, Richmond

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Lightwater, Twickenham, Richmond

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M.A.C. Maintenance & Construction

M.A.C. Maintenance & Construction is a family-run business in the Lightwater area offering extensions, conversions, renovations and home improvement services to homeowners.

Lightwater was originally a holiday home location for people living in London and because of this many of the properties still have the period ‘chalet’ style of the time.

Our knowledge of local property in the Lightwater area allows us to respect the style, maintaining their uniqueness, while guiding homeowners through the local planning process without issue.

Since the 1960s Lightwater has experienced tremendous growth, particularly on the housing estates just north of Red Road and on the military ranges around Greyspot, too. Such growth has given rise to the need for local building services, like those of M.A.C.

Please feel free to reach out to any of our clients to get their feedback and assess the quality of our work before reaching out for your free quote.

why M.A.C.
Maintenance & Construction?

House Extension Vertical


We know that a construction job on your home can be stressful. Let us guide you through it, from finding an architect to planning permission, and of course, the build.


The earlier we join your project the better we understand what you're looking for and how to reflect that in the build.

Project Management

Nobody likes surprises. We love to plan and will agree costs, dates and tasks with you upfront. We'll update you constantly on our progress and be open and transparent about your options at every step.