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Design your garden space to spend more time relaxing outdoors.

House Extensions

Patios in Lightwater, Twickenham & Richmond

A recent study by has revealed that a quality patio is the second most desired feature that home-buyers desire in order to make the most of their garden space.

Indeed a well-looked-after garden might add as much as 20% to the value of the home. According to the National Association of Estate Agents this is because people like to imagine themselves relaxing there during the warmer months of the year, and making the most of that extra space.

Extend your living space for children to play, or use it to entertain friends more.


"A patio is one of the top ten features that home-buyers want, to make the most of their outdoor space"

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"A patio is one of the top ten features that home-buyers want, to make the most of their outdoor space"

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Garden Patio

Increase outdoor space

Design the perfect space in which to relax during the Summer months, surrounded by family and friends.


Create a space in which to relax in the evenings, reading a good book or sipping a cool glass of wine.

Increase property value

Patios are an excellent way to increase property value on a budget, seeing a similar return on investment as loft conversions, at a fraction of the cost.


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Here is a selection of photographs taken from various patio projects.

Why work with M.A.C.?

M.A.C. has over 15 years experience working on patio projects along the M3 corridor, from its home in Lightwater into Twickenham and Richmond.

Steve and his team are experienced patio builders and have the tools to quickly and efficiently remove soil, clay and bricks before rebuilding a solid surface using specialist equipment and laying the new patio area.

We will also help to guide you through all of the necessary steps, from gaining planning permission to adhering to building regulations until the project is finalised and you’re enjoying your new patio.

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