Frequently Asked Questions

What types of construction projects does M.A.C Maintenance & construction build?

Here at M.A.C. we focus on aesthetic building projects, such as extensions, conversions and renovations. We take great pleasure from helping our clients to increase both the functionality and the value of their homes.

What size construction projects can m.a.c. manage?

We’re comfortable handling any size of residential project, from hanging a door, to basement conversions in West London, and complex house extensions out in the sticks.

Is M.A.C. a residential or commercial contractor?

M.A.C. is primarily a residential contractor, offering its high-quality services along the M3 corridor from Lightwater to Twickenham and Richmond. 

Does M.A.C offer design/build construction services?

M.A.C. is traditionally a construction company, although over the years we have built close ties with our own architects and designers, with whom we feel particularly comfortable working, to produce excellent quality results. If you are in need of both services, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll advise accordingly. Often we will advise you to work with a particular architect based on the project type and requirements.

Is M.A.C. a residential or commercial contractor?

No. We do have residential licences and are well-qualified to performs alterations and renovations. We prefer to leave development projects to companies that specialise in that field, and would be happy to give you recommendations.

What service area do you cover?

M.A.C. offers its services to homeowners along the M3 corridor, primarily focusing on projects between Lightwater, Twickenham and Richmond, although we have worked on projects much further afield.

I want to perform my own renovation but may need some professional help, how do you feel about this?

Renovating yourself can be extremely satisfying and worthwhile, however there are also certain risks associated. We would love to advise and consult you on all aspects of the project, while offering ourselves for any of the tasks/phases that might be beyond your skills.

How many years have you been in business?

M.A.C is a family company, and although the company is much older, Steve has now been running it for over 15 years.

What should be my first step if i am interested in a construction project?

If you’re considering a construction project our advice is to get in contact with M.A.C. as early as possible during the design phase. Our combined experience alongside an architect or designer leads to well-designed and complete projects, that come in under budget and on time. Asking us for advice early on is cost free – our main concern is starting a project the right way to control all the variables and manage risk. This entails numerous benefits for your project.