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Basement Conversions

Access extra living space without drastically changing the exterior of your home.

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Basement Conversions in Lightwater, Twickenham & Richmond

If you’re desperate for extra space but you don’t have the luxury of building upwards or outwards, a basement may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The great thing about building down is that you need not worry about aesthetic changes to the exterior of your home, which will remain largely untouched.

As well as people building extra living areas for themselves and decluterring their ground floor, we’ve also seen people build self-contained flats to rent out to people for extra income, or even for an elder parent who needs looking after but wishes to maintain independence.

Pricing varies largely depending on whether the basement/cellar already exists. Where the basement is pre-existing, it may cost anywhere around £1,000/m² to nearer £4,000/m² if not.

This said, we encourage you to reach out to get a quote for your particular project, which will have its own unique specifications.

A cellar "can add 20 per cent to 30 per cent of the value of your home".

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A cellar "can add 20 per cent to 30 per cent of the value of your home".

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Basement Conversions

No exterior changes

Avoid significant changes to the exterior of your home.

Functional simplicity

Add a new living space for your family while de-cluttering ground floor space.

Increase property value

Achieve as much as a 30% increase in your property value.

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Why work with M.A.C.?

M.A.C. has over 15 years experience working on basement conversions along the M3 corridor, from its home in Lightwater into Twickenham and Richmond.

Steve and his team have extended into many basement areas and have the necessary design and architect contacts, tools and experience to develop a new living area below your current floor level.

We’re conscious of the main functional issues with basements – natural light and damp – and are comfortable building these features and advising you on the best way forward.

Additionally the Party Wall Act requires you keep your neighbours in the loop, while planning permission for basements changes borough by borough, so we can guide you through the process by offering contact information and resources to ease your mind.

"my home extension only cost me £15,000, and added £25,000 to the value of my home. Steve had it finished a week before deadline and left the place immaculate."
Peter Kelly
Lightwater | 07490 619718
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Mike Stuart
Twickenham | 07642 679954

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